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Acting Up with Skyways Media

In this blog, we’re taking you behind the scenes for a sneaky peek of our new promo video.

On a rainy Wednesday morning, we headed to our secret filming location for a lesson in being in the spotlight. Taking centre stage were members of our very own team here at Skyways who are responsible for the project’s inception. Scripting and performing the entire sequence, they demonstrated just how much they understand and are proud of the products they endorse on a daily basis.

Our decision to create a promotional video was inspired by a desire to show off our print publications in a new format. We know that it’s much easier for consumers to find time to watch a short 2-3 minute video than scroll through an entire page of information (we’ll keep this blog short, promise!) Not only that, but videos provide multi-sensory stimulation (visual and audio) making it easier and more appealing for people to watch.

Taking centre stage were the funeral guides themselves and we give a detailed flip-through of just how much information is included in each project we send to print and how well they work on your behalf. We also wanted to highlight the importance of having a physical source of information to give to your client families at those difficult first meetings. We put you and your funeral home right in the homes of every member of your community enabling you to assist in the planning process no matter what the hour. Our team did a fantastic job of setting the scene and reconstructing exactly where these products can be used and where they can be placed within your community to aid as many families as possible.

After a somewhat apprehensive start, giggles, and not knowing which lens to look down,  our budding actors got into full swing and worked hard to get those close-ups and long shots just right. We think the results are pretty impressive, what do you think?